Send Your Future Self an Email


The other day my son got an email from himself from the past.  He had sent it over five years ago using a service called

What a great idea!  It’s fun in and of itself.  Yet, you can also use it short term to remind yourself of stuff… are you still following your diet a month later?  Have you applied to take that class you always wanted to take?  Remind yourself of your goals or just entertain your future self.

On the Futureme site you can read letters people wrote to themselves. Here’s one I found funny…

Dear FutureMe,

I hope the future has found you in good health, and sound mind. speaking of mind, Would ya mind emailing me back some winning lotto numbers? This would be very beneficial to the both of us. Hey, we have help each other, no one else will, right? Well take care, and I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon. and remember I am behind you all the way!

Yours truly,
Past you

I just sent myself a letter to receive next month.  Next I’ll send one off into the far-away future.  Who knows where I’ll be then!


Mama Lisa

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