Remember Bazooka Gum?

Photo of Bazooka Gum

When I ask if you remember Bazooka gum, I mean do you remember the whole experience of it? Do you remember going to the stationary store as a young kid and buying it? It was the one thing you could always afford. I think it cost 3 cents a piece (it was a big deal when it went up to 5 cents). It was an amount every kid could afford. Do you remember opening the gum and smelling it… then looking at the little comic that came wrapped around it. It was a whole little event that all kids experienced in the 1970’s.

Photo of Bazooka Gum Comic

If you say Bazooka, I can vividly recall being in the specific stationary store that I walked to with my friends when I was about 6 or 7 years old. It’s a great memory… yet it’s a little sad knowing that parents no longer allow their grade schoolers to walk to the stationary store with their friends.

When I mentioned it to my mother, she couldn’t remember allowing me to go. We just went and it was no big deal. It was a different time.

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4 Responses to “Remember Bazooka Gum?”

  1. BookishIma Says:

    As a child, I didn’t even realize they had Bazooka anyplace other than Israel. Ours had comics written in Hebrew.

  2. Lisa Says:

    That’s interesting… Looking it up it seems like Bazooka gum was sold worldwide.

    Here are some comments people wrote on Facebook about this post:

    Dawn: My experience was that it cost a penny and I loved the comic strips inside. That was the best part.

    Maria: And then the flavor ran out and then I shoved another piece in my mouth, and then another, until I could barely chew the entire wad! I loved the comics – what was his name? Bazooka Joe? Can’t remember.

  3. andree mulder Says:

    I remember buying it at the cinema. It cost 1 piaster a piece. I t was alot of money then for me. It cost 5 piasters to go the movie. The comic strip were the best and somehow it made the gum taste so much better. Thanks for the wonderful memory.

  4. Judy Says:

    I remember we used to chew as many pieces as we could manage, in order to blow the biggest bubble in the neighborhood. Sometimes a bubble would be the size of your head. When it broke, if you weren’t careful, it would be stuck to your hair, eyebrows, everything. Not easy to clean up – but worth it! Thanks for the memory.

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