Romantic Proposals: Proposing on Ice


Yesterday I went ice skating in Rockefeller Center, below the famous Christmas Tree in New York City.  My daughter and I were there for a birthday party. 


While skating, we heard news on the rink that some guy went down on his knees on the ice and proposed to his lady below the Christmas tree.  When I looked over I saw them hugging and kissing… how romantic!

Other places I’ve heard of guys proposing in Manhattan are the top of the Empire State Building and on horse and buggy rides through Central Park.


Of course, if you were in Paris, the place to propose would be the Eiffel Tower!


Viva la romance!

Mama Lisa

P.S. Feel free to share in the comments below:

-Romantic proposals you’ve heard of or experienced!
-Popular locals around the world for proposing marriage.

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2 Responses to “Romantic Proposals: Proposing on Ice”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Nick Y. wrote: “When we were in DC, the proposal was at the Lincoln Memorial.”

  2. Lisa Says:

    My Dad, Richard, wrote: “How does the parking lot of A&S’s (an old dept. store) in a stalled car, waiting for a mechanic (my father) to come. And she said yes any way. THAT’S LOVE!”

    Mama Lisa’s Note: “Thanks goodness she said, ‘Yes!’ or there’d be no Mama Lisa’s World! Hooray for love!” -Mama (Daughter) Lisa

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