Playing Pictionary with Kids is Fun!

Pictionary is a game where you have two teams.  First one team goes.  The teammate whose turn it is to draw is given a word or phrase.  He has to draw a picture to help the other player(s) on his team guess the word (within a minute).  Then the other team goes.  You move along the board and whichever team gets to the end of the board first wins.

It’s interesting to play Pictionary with grade school kids.  We played with my daughter last winter.  She was 8 at the time.  Here are some of her drawings followed by the words she had.

Kids drawing of a broken light

Broken Light


Quick Sand



(This is a brand of turkey in the US.  I don’t think she knew what it meant.)




Rocking Horse

(Interestingly, my daughter drew a horse playing a guitar like Rock ‘n Roll!)

Check out the game Pictionary or Pictionary Junior.  It’s great fun, particularly with kids!


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