Pettole and St Cecilia’s Day in Italy

799px-Pittule_cu_li_fiuri_ti_cucuzzaSaint Cecilia’s Day is on November 22nd.  St. Cecilia is very popular in Italy because Cecilia is the patron saint of music, musicians and singers.  Pettole of St. Cecelia are made on this day.  Pettole come from southern Italy in the municipality of Ariano Irpino (Avellino) near Naples. 

Pettole are similar to zeppoles.  They’re made with flour, yeast and water and then deep fried. There are sweet and savory varieties.  Below you’ll find links to two recipes for pettole… one in Italian and the other in English.

Le Pettole Di Santa Cecilia (Recipe in Italian)

Recipe for Pettole (In English)

St. Cecilia’s Day is said to open the Christmas season in Italy and pettole are eaten throughout the season in different regions.

Many thanks to Emanuela Marsura for sharing this tradition with us!


-Mama Lisa

Photo: Wikipedia

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