Nursery Rhymes and Proverbs about March

March brings breezes loud and shrill,
To stir the dancing daffodil.

March comes in like a lion
And goes out like a lamb.

Sometimes it’s reversed…

March comes in like a lamb
And goes out like a lion.

A March sun sticks
Like a lock of wool.

There’s an old belief that if March is dry and dusty, there will be a better crop…

A bushel of March dust is worth a King’s ransom.

A fair March is worth a king’s ransom.

A dry March and a wet May
Fill barns and bays with corn and hay.

A peck of March dust and a shower in May
Makes the corn green and the fields gay.

March water is worse
Than a stain in cloath*.

*That seems to be an obsolete spelling of cloth.

Here are happy ones to consider when you’re stuck inside because of the coming Spring rain…

March winds and April showers
Bring forth May flowers.


In beginning or in end
March its gifts will send.

Be joyful, it’s almost Spring!


2 Responses to “Nursery Rhymes and Proverbs about March”

  1. Heleen Says:

    In the Netherlands, we say:

    Maart roert zijn staart

    Literally translated: “March stirs its tail”,
    which means the weather in March is changable a lot. March in the Nehterlands can be very cold, chilly, rainy, sometimes even snowy, etcetera.

  2. Heleen Says:

    PS – On April we have a more or less similar proverb:

    “April doet wat hij wil.”

    Which means: April just does it the way he wants.

    May becomes better:

    “In mei leggen alle vogels een ei”:
    In May, all birds lay an egg.

    Kind regards,

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