Nursery Rhyme Quiz

From time to time I’ll get a nursery rhyme question from a person taking a nursery rhyme quiz. I suppose it’s for college.

Here’s the latest question…

Dear Mama Lisa,

I am taking part in a quiz about nursery rhyme characters. Your site has helped with many, but one answer I cannot find. As part of the quiz, one of the questions is:- A fellow generally concerned with care of the environment (6,5). The clue is cryptic, and the second word/name has to lie alphabetically between GOOSE and GRUNDY. It is driving me nuts! I would be very grateful if you could be of assistance.

In anticipation,

Karl A.

If anyone can help, please comment below.

Thanks! Lisa

UPDATE: Karl later wrote, “The quiz is just a local crossword club affair, where members try to be as difficult as they can be. After some consideration, the answer may not NECESSARILY have to be a nursery rhyme, just because 95% are. e.g. one answer is Nellie Bligh, and another Tom Thumb, so….. Just for interest, if I find out I will let you know.”

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