New Songs Posted

Here are links to some of the new songs we’ve posted…

The Ten Puppies – Los diez perritos – Spanish
Scouts Alphabet – Alphabet des Scouts – French
The Frog Cucu’s – La rana cucĂș – Spanish
Where is Thumbkin? – English – with instructions to play
Rubin, Rubin, I’ve Been Thinking (Jump Rope Version) – English

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4 Responses to “New Songs Posted”

  1. anne Says:

    i am looking for an icelandic childrens song for my kindergarten class to learn. we chose iceland to study for international day and we need to perform something. i thought a song would be easy to learn. anyone have any thoughts???? thanks sooo much , anne

  2. Lisa Says:

    This link below is the directory of all the music schools in Iceland that maintain a web site, so you can email your request to any of them.

    You can look at this youtube video where you can hear the songs sung and you can see the lyrics… and

    There’s this site too where there are mp3 recordings (commercial)

    Good luck! If you’d like to share the song you choose with us – we’d be happy to post it!

    Mama Lisa

    PS If you need a translation we can post it in our question section and see if someone can help.

  3. Angela Says:


    I’m looking for a Spanish alphabet song to share with my kids. Any suggestions? I can’t seem to fit the letters easily into the traditional English one.

  4. Lisa Says:

    There’s one here…

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