Can Someone Help with a Setswana Childrens Song from South Africa?

Ronnie wrote:

Dear Lisa,

Over thirty years ago I worked in South Africa and learned a children’s song verbally. Whilst I still remember the tune, the lyrics have probably eroded in accuracy over the years. It was so popular at the time that you could sing the first line out in the street and “someone” would return the next line! I have never seen it written down so my spelling would be atrocious even then. It told of a steam train built or made by the white man, traveling through the mountains and twisting like a snake. On occasions in the lyrics one has to make the sound of the trains whistle (Hoi-Hoi).

I wonder if you know the correct words and spelling of it? I would love to teach it properly to my children. As far as I can remember, and I know this must be very rough, it went:

Chu-chu Makala (Train?)
untwia ma-hoa
lefooka loody
da messaquitee
Hoi-hoi (Train whistle)
ee ya da kayalaa
ee ya da kayalaa

I really would like to hear if you find anything and remain Yours sincerely

Ronnie Hallett

If anyone can help with these lyrics, and/or a translation, please let us know in the comments below. If you’d like to sing it for us, please email me.

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa

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  1. marcia Says:

    Algeum pode me mandar uma musica mp³ folclorica infantil africana.


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