Need Help with an Italian (Piemontese) Poem

Pat Gowdy wrote asking for help with a childhood rhyme from Italy.  Here’s the email:

I used to recite a “poem” when I was a little kid, taught to me by my uncle who was born in Italy, in the Piedmont area near Asti, but came to California with his parents and siblings when he was five.  This is the phonetic sound of the poem, and only the first few lines of it.  I’d like to know the correct spelling and the entire poem.

                O-gi Natale, qui non lo sa,

                E-o-vo-po-vo-du-co, Mama y Papa.

THANKS!  Pat Gowdy

The first line in Italian is "Oggi è Natale, chi non lo sa" (Today is Christmas, who doesn’t know it).

If anyone can help with the rest of this poem, please let us know in the comments below.

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa

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