Mwen Se Ayiti Tou – I am Haiti too

Most of us are thinking about the people in Haiti these days, especially Haiti’s children. I’m getting more questions for help with Haitian songs than usual. Here’s a song I was asked about today called “Mwen Se Ayiti Tou”. It means “I am Haiti too”. It’s sung by Haiti Children’s Choir.

This song was written and conducted by: Alex Myril with additional underscoring by: Eli Renner. It’s a project of

If anyone can provide the other lyrics in the song (I can hear one or two other lines), please let us know in the comments below.


Mama Lisa

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9 Responses to “Mwen Se Ayiti Tou – I am Haiti too”

  1. Magda Supreme Says:

    The Lyrics translate as follows:

    I am Haiti
    I am Haiti

    I love my country
    I’m proud to say
    I am Haiti

    I am Haiti
    I am Haiti (Chorus repeat)

  2. Lisa Says:

    Thanks! I wonder if you could provide the Creole lyrics? We appreciate your help! -Mama Lisa

  3. Sallie Ferrebee Says:

    I am also looking for the Creole Lyrics to Mwen Se Ayiti. I work with a Children’s Chorus and we would like to perform this song in an up coming concert as a tribute to Haiti’s children. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Julie Miller Says:

    I teach music via a grant program in a Boston Public School with children from many backgrounds including Haitian, and am planning a concert based around songs from these backgrounds. So, I, too, would love the Creole lyrics and more background info on the song.

    We would like to feature a video clip for our audience of scenes from Haiti, and am wondering how we might gain permission to include the above video segment.

  5. Lisa Says:

    I think you should write to John Engle who made the video through his YouTube Channel…

  6. Julie Miller Says:

    Thank you! I will. I am also looking for lyrics – English or Creole for the song Wongolo. I have seen it in a couple of versions (a film maker and a popular singer) on You Tube and am looking for other versions.

  7. Laurie Says:

    Mwen se Haiti too

    Mwen se Haiti, mwen se Haiti
    Mwen remen payi mwen
    Mwen fiè pou’m di mwen se Haiti(Chorus repeat)

    for more Haitian children songs.

  8. Laurie Says:

    Mwen se Haiti too

    Mwen se Haiti, mwen se Haiti
    Mwen remen payi mwen
    Mwen fiè pou’m di mwen se Haiti(Chorus repeat)

  9. Lynn Says:

    I am also a Choral Director working on including a set of Haitian music. I appreciate the information shared.

    I also want to ask that other choral directors consider donations to charities from the countries whos music you’re using. It’s important that we are not only consumers of other cultures but that we find a deeper understanding and connection with the people and their struggles.

    My choirs and I have found singing so much more joyful and meaningful as we learn more about the history and culture of the people along with raising money to help ease their struggles.


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