Coraline… A Film Worth Seeing in the Theater

I read Neil Gaiman’s book Coraline when it came out in 2002 and enjoyed it – so I figured the film was a good bet.

I was worried by the clips of this film, that it might be a little scary for my 7 year old daughter. But it looked wonderful and I knew it was a good story. So, I let her know it had a happy ending and said let’s try it out.

My husband, daughter and I all enjoyed it.

It was a 3D film – so it was fun to wear the glasses – but I don’t think that was even necessary. It was really beautifully made even without that. The colors in parts remind you of how you see colors in your childhood – everything it brighter and more vivid.

Afterward, I asked my daughter if she thought it was scary and she said, “Not really”. I checked with her 6 year old friend who had seen it a day or two ago. She said it was scary, but worth seeing. Though her 3 year old brother was really frightened by it.

Here you can see a trailer. If it seems like your type of film, I’d recommend trying to see this one in the theater.

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