Mongolian Kids Song


The following video features a song in Mongolian and English by the group, Modern Children.  It’s based on a Mongolian folk song. 

Here are the Mongolian lyrics that the kid sings at the beginning of the video and the band later sings the same verse:

Mongolian Pronunciation:

Nana nana NaaSir
Shuder Shuder Tsasai
Naisa Naisa NaaSir
La de qvota tooleey


Come, come, come sun,
Clouds, go away,
Come, come my friend,
Let’s play under the sun.

If anyone can share the original Mongolian folk song, please email me or comment below.


-Mama Lisa

P.S. We’ve recently added a Mongolian Lullaby called Buuvein Duu to Mama Lisa’s World.

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2 Responses to “Mongolian Kids Song”

  1. suzanne taikakara Says:

    Is the Mongolia song at mama Lisa, sWorld by modern Children oin the Sing Your kids to sleep music book? Where can I get the words to this Mongolian song?

  2. Lisa Says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    We have one song on Mama Lisa’s World which is different from this one. It’s called бүүвэйн дуу (Buuvein Duu).


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