Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to All!

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  1. Ed Gawlinski Says:

    Happy Saint Stephen’s Day …..

    St. Stephen’s Day, or the Feast of St. Stephen, is a Christian saint’s day celebrated on 26 December in the Western Church and 27 December in the Eastern Church.

    In Irish it is called Lá Fhéile Stiofán or Lá an Dreoilín – the latter translates literally as another English name used, the Day of the Wren or Wren’s Day.

    There is a song that goes with this day …

    The wren, the wren, the king of all birds,
    On St. Stephen’s Day was caught in the furze,
    Up with the kettle and down with the pan,
    Give us some money to bury the wren.

    There is also a song for Saint Stephen’s Day, sung by boys in the Saint Lucia Celebration

    Stephen’s song
    Staffan Stalledräng,

  2. Ed Gawlinski Says:

    Here are the Swedish words for Stephen’s Song

    Staffan var en staledräng
    Vi tackom nu så gärna
    Han vattnar sina fålar fem
    Allt för dn ljusa stjärna

    Ingen dager synes än,
    Stjärnorna på himmelen
    De blanka

    Nu är fröjd uti vårt hus
    Vi tackom nu så gärna
    Julegran och jule ljus
    Allt för dn ljusa stjärna

    Ingen dager synes än,
    Stjärnorna på himmelen
    De blanka

    I am not sure about the litereal translation, but I believes it goes that
    Stephan was a stable boy …. he is thankful for tha joy and there is light from a star.

  3. Lisa Says:

    Ed sent me a midi tune of the Swedish St. Stephen’s Song. You can click the link to hear it. If anyone can provide an English translation of the Swedish lyrics, that would be great! Thanks in advance and many thanks to Ed for sharing this song with the tune!

    -Mama Lisa

  4. Ed Gawlinski Says:

    Lisa …

    This Christmas I was looking for the music for three songs:

    The Dutch Santa Clause song that is in the 1947 version of “Miracle on 34th Street” I found that on your website.

    The song “God Bless Us Everyone” I found out that you can purchase that directly from the composer and did so.

    The song “Dominic the Italian Christmas Donkey” …. I’m still looking for that, perhaps you or one of your readers might be able to help me there.

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