Does Anyone Know of Hand Gestures That Go with the 12 Days of Christmas?

Rich Berrett wrote:

Growing up I recall hearing the 12 days of Christmas accompanied by hand gestures for each day… when I googled that issue it referred me to your site with this notation.. “The Twelve Days of Christmas actually start on Christmas and go up to the …. As with many children’s songs, there are different hand gestures that can be. . .” when I went to the link however I cannot find the remainder of the entry… I would love to find the gestures to teach my grandchildren. Any suggestions? Thanks for all you do. Rich

I think the Google entry must have been referring to two different blog posts.

Would anyone know of gestures that go with the 12 Days of Christmas? I’d love to learn them too!

Please comment below if you can help out. Thanks in advance!

-Mama Lisa

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2 Responses to “Does Anyone Know of Hand Gestures That Go with the 12 Days of Christmas?”

  1. Laura Says:

    1st day…partridge in a pear tree……spread your arms out then bring them up over your head to make the branches of the tree.
    2nd day..two turtle doves…hook your thumbs together to form a bird (and then do actions for 1st day)
    3rd…three french hens…tuck your hands under your armpits to look like chicken wings and flap ( also do previous actions)
    4th…Four calling birds…form hands into beaks and open and close your fingers like quacking birds (and previous actions)
    5 golden rings…hold up your hand with fingers extended to make it look like you have 5 rings on your fingers (previous actions)
    6 geese a laying…make wings out of your arms and shake your butt a little (previous actions)
    7 swans a swimming…stand on one foot and raise other foot up to butt and strike a graceful pose (previous actions)
    8 maids a milking…acting like you are milking a goat/cow (previous actions)
    9 ladies dancing….put your finger on top of your head and dance like a ballerina (and do previous actions)
    10 lords a leaping…do ballerina leaps forward(previous actions)
    11 pipers piping…act like you are blowing a long horn (previous actions)
    12 drummers drumming…act like you are playing a snare drum( and do all previous actions)

    I’m not sure if these are the right actions but these are the ones I saw at a grade school concert (so cute)

  2. rich berrett Says:

    Thanks Laura… this is very helpful. Rich

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