Marshmallow Candy Dreidels


What a great idea to make candy dreidels for Hanukkah!  They’re dreidels made out of marshmallows, with candy kisses attached using Nutella as "glue". Then dipped in chocolate with a mini pretzel stick as the handle.  Check out the recipe at The Shiksa in the Kitchen Blog.

Many thanks to Corrine Lewack for pointing out this wonderful treat!

Happy Chanukah!

Mama Lisa

Photo from The Shiksa Blog

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  1. Marny Says:

    Also at The Shiksa Blog:

    Kosher Note: Most major marshmallow brands are not kosher because they contain gelatin, which is derived from pig. However, there are brands that make kosher marshmallows out there.

    * * * *
    Not all Jewish people keep kosher but if making and taking such a treat to friends and/or family, it would be best to ask them if they prefer kosher marshmallows (and pretzels)

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