Looking for a Spring Song

Bill wrote me…

In the 50s, in Montreal, girls used to celebrate Spring with skipping ropes and elastics. While playing the elastic game they sung a “ditty” that went somewhat like this…

Yolem a Kaiser,Yokem addiay….

Do you know what I am referring to?

Bill Conrod

If anyone is familiar with this ditty, please comment below.

I also welcome other songs and poems celebrating Spring.


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3 Responses to “Looking for a Spring Song”

  1. Ale Says:

    I am looking for a song about the Summer in another language. I already have a song in Spanish about Spring (De Colores), a song in French about the Autumn (Couleurs d’automne), and a song in Japanese about the Winter (Yuki). Now I just need a song about the summer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Monique translated the German song about summer for you. You can find it at the link below…

    Trarira, der Sommer, der ist da! – Tilitum, The Summer Has Come

    Longer version here http://www.hallo-kinder.gk-kunte.de/liedsomm.html
    More German songs about Summer (without music) are at:

    If you want a better French song about Autumn check out:
    (But it’s still under copyright.)

    Hope this helps!

    Mama Lisa

  3. hii Says:

    hi my name is elizabeth ive got a little sheet that i would like to do but my mind cant think of anything
    it gose like this

    g but ive got nothing to right pllllllz reply thanks

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