Lego Show "The Art of the Brick" in New York

IMG_20130722_154943This summer we brought our kids to see "The Art of the Brick" at Discovery Times Square in New York City. It features Nathan Sawaya’s Lego artwork.   Here’s my 12 year old daughter’s assessment of the show…

Nathan Sawaya’s Lego sculptures are truly works of art. They are well built and neatly sculpted brick by brick to create wonderful things.  Using Legos instead of paint, clay, or simply a pencil is an original idea that is such an inspiration to young kids such as myself. His art shows that anyone can achieve their dreams as long as they try, and that you can use your imagination at any age.

Nathan re-creates sculptures and paintings, but he also makes up his own. 

Here’s Sawaya’s Lego Mona Lisa…


Lego Statue of David with Easter Island Statue in the background…


Nathan Sawaya’s Lego self-portrait…


Side view…


To make art out of such small things as Lego bricks requires concentration, patience, creativity and a wild imagination. Nathan Sawaya must have all of those qualities in order to have such an interesting career and create such amazing Lego art. His art is a wonderful inspiration!


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