Kids Are Bloggers Too!

Guest blogger, Jason Pomerantz, of Fiddle and Burn, writes about technology for kids.

Everyone knows that when kids become interested in something, watch out! Before long, they’ll turn themselves into the world’s greatest experts on whatever it is they’re focused on.

For the past year or two, my son Calvin (currently 14) has been a fan of the trading card game Magic: The Gathering. In Magic, players buy packs of cards which each contain spells of various powers. They build themselves a deck from their collection and ‘duel’ with opponents.

I noticed that Calvin was spending more and more of his free time studying cards on the internet, rebuilding decks, even designing cards of his own. His close friend Zach shared his obsession and the two of them could duel for hours.

I knew he was having fun, so I was all for it, but since I’m an adult and a dad, I couldn’t help thinking that there must be more productive ways for him to be spending his time.

Then it occurred to me that there was a way he could harness all this energy, while having even more fun: He and Zach could blog about the game!

When I mentioned it, they were enthusiastic, so I got to work setting it up.

There are many popular blogging tools out there. Two of the best (both free) are WordPress and Blogger. They take a little technical know-how to get started, but nothing too overwhelming. The initial set-up isn’t that much more difficult then installing a word processor program.

Calvin and Zach call their blog Dragon Guardians. They’ve been faithfully at it for almost half a year now. It’s got them researching, writing, and learning technology. All while they’ve built an audience of dozens of people every day.

Blogging turned a fun hobby into something educational (shh… don’t tell them). Plus, it’s very empowering to learn that we, as individuals, can be more than just passive consumers of information fed to us by giant companies. We can create the information ourselves!

If one of your children is an expert on something, why not encourage them to blog and share it with the world?

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