Kids Adjusting to Change

It’s interesting to see how kids will adjust to change. Even slight changes can be temporarily jarring to them.

This past month, I had to get glasses for the first time ever. (Ah, the joys of aging!) When I first came home with them, my teenage son first looked away really fast, as if he was shy about it. Then, after that little incident, he looked at me normally.

For my daughter who’s just starting 1st grade, it took longer to get used to them. She practically burst into tears the first time she saw me in glasses, like, “What have they done to my Mommy?” She would unexpectedly act like that over the next couple of days. Finally, on the third day, she drew the picture below, and never made mention of it again. It was her sign that she had come to accept me in glasses.

Now I just have to get used to them myself!

-Mama Lisa

Kid's Drawing of a Mom and Kid

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3 Responses to “Kids Adjusting to Change”

  1. Monique Says:

    You maybe have glasses, but she drew you with a heart shaped face = Mommy, I love you all the same.

  2. DevonT Says:

    What an awesome picture. Heart face and flower feet!

  3. Linda Says:

    Beautiful! Just beautiful. My 2 year old continues to yank my new glasses off my face and crush them. I don’t think she has adjusted yet and I have had them for 5 months!

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