Japanese Woman Does Western Style Flower Arrangements with Beautiful Results!


Ayako Egawa of Japan has studied the art of Ikebana – the art of Japanese flower arranging.  Recently, she’s taken up western style arrangements.  Take a look at the results!

This arrangement has a lovely diagonal motion to it.


Ayako shared the theory behind the arrangement below.

“The flowers are Reeves’ meadowsweet (the white ones), sweet pea, roses and gold dust dracaena.  The theme is the Japanese style “Nageire”.

The idea behind “Nageire” is to arrange the flow of each branch of Reeves’ meadowsweet well. It’s difficult to arrange them well because there’s no hook or sponge in the vase to hold them. So we cut the edge of the branch of Reeves’ meadowsweet in half and cross a twig into it. Then we can hold them in place in the vase.

This arrangement has an early spring flavor.”


Thanks for sharing these lovely photos of your arrangements with us Ayako!


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  1. anadel Says:

    i really like your arrangements. Simple but full of emotions.

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