It’s Raining, It’s Pouring” – The Lyrics and an MP3 Recording

The song, a little story about umbrellas, and an mp3 of my children singing “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring”

It’s Raining and it’s Pouring in New York right now and it has been for days. I’m totally waterlogged from picking up my daughter from preschool.

It turns out that my family is woefully unprepared for the rain. I had a pretty black umbrella with different colored circles on it, that my husband, Jason, “stole” from me one rainy morning before work, back in the spring. He had to throw his away because it fell to pieces. Since he walks three quarters of a mile to the train station during the week, I let him have mine. I never got around to replacing it, since it’s basically been draught weather here for the past few months.

Yesterday my son had early morning band – he had to walk all the way down the block and wait for the bus out in the rain – so I made my husband give him our sole umbrella. The only one in the family who’s really prepared for the rain is our 4 year old daughter. She has a pretty pink raincoat, a Dora the Explorer umbrella and a Sesame Street/Elmo umbrella. The only thing she’s missing is galoshes. Which I just realized the other day.

So, yesterday morning, Jason left the Elmo umbrella and my black one on the table for my son, hoping he would take the Elmo umbrella. Of course he didn’t, since he’s 11 years old. There’s no way he would have taken an Elmo umbrella to school. Jason briefly considered taking the Elmo umbrella himself to the city, but decided against it. I think that was a good choice, since it would have looked very funny to see a six foot two grown man carrying a little preschooler’s Elmo umbrella in the rain. He decided to go for wearing a cap instead. (Of course I made him hold it up like he was going to use it first, just so I could see how he looked!)

Anyway, my son took my umbrella again today, so I got soaking wet during the long walk from the parking lot to my daughter’s preschool to pick her up. At least she was happy with her little pink raincoat and Dora the Explorer umbrella. She finally got to use her umbrella!

Any way, in the car, on the way home, I couldn’t help but singing It’s Raining, It’s Pouring (a song I sang all the time as a kid, whenever it rained). I am Mama Lisa after all! It goes…

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

It’s Raining, it’s pouring,
The old man is snoring,
He bumped his head,
On top of the bed,
And didn’t get up
In the morning.

When I got home, I got my children to record it for you.

Here’s an MP3 of It’s Raining It’s Pouring


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  1. Victoria Says:

    I work as a Music teacher in an English Institute in Argentina, and I was looking for the lyrics of this song on the net, fortunately here I´ve found them. Good luck there!

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