It’s Not Too Late for a New Years Resolution

Hey, it’s only the first week of the new year.  You can still pick a new year’s resolution.  Truthfully, I’m still deciding on one or two or three.  I know it sounds like much, but it’s always good to have goals to improve the quality of your life!

Here are some resolutions I like…

1. Exercise

2. Sing and dance!

3.  Portion Control

4.  Try something new!

5.  Yoga

6.  Quality time with family and friends

7.  Eat heart-healthy Omega-3 foods 2 times a week (like salmon).

8.  Relax

9. Travel

10. Create

11.  More veggies

12.  Bicycle, canoe and skate

13. Volunteer

14.  Donate

Feel free to share your new year’s resolutions in the comments below.

Good luck meeting your goals!

Mama Lisa

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