Is There a Nursery Rhyme that Mentions Other Nursery Rhymes?

Mitzie wrote:

Mama Lisa,

Hi my name is Mitzie Atkins. I am a Preschool teacher to 3 – 5 Year olds. This year I added a Nursery rhyme a week to my lesson plan. We sing the same nursery rhyme for a week straight. Well for Graduation, we sing songs. For my class this year I am looking for a nursery rhyme that talks about several different rhymes. For example We learned Georgie Kissed Girls, Little bo peep lost her sheep. We jump over candles with jack. Humpty cracked us up. I hope you get the idea. I don’t know if such a poem exist or I will just make one up, I have several ideas.

I hope you can help

Mitzie Atkins

If anyone can help Mitzie with a poem, nursery rhyme or song, please comment below.



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2 Responses to “Is There a Nursery Rhyme that Mentions Other Nursery Rhymes?”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Do you know this silly chant?
    When Billy was one, he learned to suck his thumb,
    thumb Ollie-Ollie, thumb Ollie-Ollie, half past one.
    Cross down
    When Billy was two, he learned to tie his shoe,
    shoe Ollie-Ollie, shoe Ollie-Ollie, half past two.
    Cross down
    When Billy was three……

  2. villeneuve Says:

    i m french
    i try to have this song for my 2 childrens
    have you this song in MP3 ?

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