Is Anyone Familiar with a New Zealand Song with the Line “”Taranaki Shoe Shine Boy””?

Ann Romano wrote me:

Hello Lisa

Do you know the words to a Kiwi Song that I heard recently? It started with Taranaki Shoe Shine Boy, and 2nd line was, I will follow you etc. I just loved the song, but can’t seem to find the wording anywhere. If you have the lyrics – this would be wonderful.

Ann Romano

(Kiwi is a nickname for people from New Zealand. It comes from the national bird of New Zealand called Kiwi.)

If anyone can help with this song, please comment below.



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One Response to “Is Anyone Familiar with a New Zealand Song with the Line “”Taranaki Shoe Shine Boy””?”

  1. Evan Webb Says:

    The Taranaki Shoeshine Boy has been recorded by RhodeWorks, a very young bluegrass band from NZ. It may be an original by them – not sure. They have just released their first album – “Unrealistic Expectations” and I am listening to it on Spotify. This band is unbelievably talented. Three brothers on fiddle, mandolin, guitar, banjo and any other instrument they pick up. Mum plays double bass. They will be appearing at Kiwigrass. Check out the website

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