Are You Familiar with “Little Johnny Jump-up”?

Deloy wrote:

“Does anyone have a copy of the ‘Little Johnny Jump Up’ song from the 1930’s?

The beginning words are:

‘Little Johnny Jump Up, That’s my name.
Early in the Spring time up I came.’

…….( can’t recall all the words)…….

‘Don’t you like my smiling face,
Shining in a sunny place.’

……( Help me find this song)……

Signed: DeLoy Johnson

“Johnny-Jump-Up” can refer to violets or pansies. A “Johnny Jump Up” is also a European wildflower flower called heartsease. Heartsease can also be used as an herb.

Picture of Heartsease

Please comment below if you can help with this song.

Thanks! Lisa

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16 Responses to “Are You Familiar with “Little Johnny Jump-up”?”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Admwrlk wrote:

    I was looking for a reference to a song or rhyme that I only knew as Johnny jump up. My older brother recorded it on a record when he was in kindergarten, which must have been like 1960. All I can remember is something about … ” When Johnny jump up came to school, blankety blank was the rule. ” I never understood the rest, and it could have been similar to what you quote above.

  2. DeLoy Johnson Says:

    I originally wanted the song for Mothers Day and was able to put
    together the following as a neighborhood handout with Johny Jump Up seeds.
    “Little Johnny Jump-up that’s my name.
    Early in the Spring time up I came.
    don’t you like my smiling face.
    Sinning in a sunny place?
    Puple yellow Johnny flowers in the way
    Little Johnny Jump-ups’s seem to say
    We can make a sweet delight
    Making Mamma’s Day just right.
    Little Johnny Jump-up’s loving sowers
    Momma’s love these tinny flowers
    Tinny smiles in a little hand bouquet
    Have a Happy, Happy special Day.

  3. Penny Says:

    One of the first graders here at a local school has been singing a song similar…

    a few lines are…Little Johnny Jumped up..said it must be spring..i just saw a ladybug..and heard a robin sing….

  4. Jennelle Says:

    My mom always sang, “When Johnny Jump up went to school, to jump up was against the rules. A teacher with an angry frown said,’Johnny, Johnny Jump up! Sit Down!'”…I think there is more to it and I’m trying to find the rest!

  5. Al Says:

    I can remember I made my class and teacher crack up laughing when it was my turn to recite this poem:

    “…I just saw a WATERBUG and heard a robin sing…”

    (though I couldn’t remember the rest of the poem).

  6. Therese Says:

    In the 60’s there was a collection of songs for children called “Sing and Do.” One of the songs was “Johnny Jump-Up” and the words are:

    When Johnny Jump-Up went to school
    To jump up was against the rule.
    The Teacher with a weary frown,
    said, “Johnny, Johnny Jump-Up, sit down.”

    So Johnny grew up very tall
    and never changed his ways at all.
    His friends said, “don’t be such a clown,”
    “Johnny, Johnny Jump-Up, sit down.”

    His mother, father, sister too and even Uncle Pete.
    Could never find out what to do to keep him in his seat.

    So One fine day, he jumped so high he bumped his head against the sky.
    And when he tumbled back to town,
    Johnny, Johnny Jump Up, sat down.

    I would like to find the rest of the songs.

  7. Carrie Stooksbury Says:

    Thank you for this!! I’ve been looking for these poems, as my Great Aunt used to say them & I’ve long forgotten them.

  8. Betsy Says:

    @Therese, I realize this is 4 years since you posted to this, but I just found it, so I had to comment. I don’t know about the “Sing and Do” collection, but I sang that exact “Johnny Jump Up” song in kindergarten in the late 60’s. I also sang it to my daughter when she was a baby, since I remembered the song well and with such fond memories. I’m wondering if you ever found the collection it was included in, as I would love to have it, too. Thanks for the nice memory.

  9. Eileen Says:

    Oh I’m so glad to have found this website. Around 1960 when I was in kindergarten, I sang this in the end of school year play for the parents. I remember the tune quite well and sing it occasionally when Spring comes round. I didn’t know there was anymore to the song because I just sang this part:

    Little Johnny Jumped Up said
    it must be spring
    I just saw a ladybug
    and heard a robin sing

  10. Lisa Says:

    That’s cool Eileen! Would you like to sing it for us? :) Mama Lisa

  11. dawn Says:

    I have been singing this song for years. I too learned it in Kindergarten, in the mid-60s. I’d love to locate sheet music or something.

  12. Ann Thompson Says:

    I was born in 1941, I remember my mother singing this to me since I was young and she still would sing it (when we would see the flower) when she was well into her 90s. I just now asked my two sisters if they remembered this version. They didn’t know it at all. (I remember nothing of the lyrics offered,here)
    This might be a completely different version:

    Little Johnny, Jump up, Jump up, Jump up
    Where did you get your name?
    If they call you a Pansy,
    I’d love you just the same—
    but I’ll just call you
    Johnny, Johnny, Jump Up.

  13. Lisa Says:

    Ellen Ruggles wrote:

    “Your Question: I’m looking for the music and words to Little Johnny Jump Up:

    Little Johnny Jump Up said
    Now it must be Spring
    I just saw ladybug
    And heard a robin sing.

    I heard it as a child in the 1950s. My mom was a piano teacher and I wonder if it came from one of the books she taught from. Or, I might have learned it from her mother who was also a pianist and was a kindergarten teacher before 1920, though in the 1930s she was a Girl Scout Leader.”

  14. Lisa Says:

    It seems Ellen’s version is a poem by Edwina Fallis. I found a YouTube of it at the link below…

  15. Lynne Everest Says:

    Little Johnny Jump-Ups
    By Julie Grace Gilbert, June 1910

    When little Johnny Jump-Up
    Poked his head above the ground,
    He winked his saucy yellow eyes
    And then he looked around,
    And saw the sunshine all about
    And blue sky overhead.
    I’m glad I blossomed out
    In such a pretty world, he said.

    I’m glad the grass is all so green
    The earth so warm and brown.
    I’m glad I have a yellow hat
    And such a pretty gown
    And I shall stand here all day long
    And say to everything
    That looks into my happy face
    It’s Spring, you know, it’s Spring!

  16. Jessica Rothbard Says:

    My great grandmother would sing a Jonny Jump Up song to me when I was little but I haven’t ever been able to find it. The lyrics were similar.

    Johnny is my name, through the ground I came.
    Don’t you think my face is bonny. I’m a little Jump up Johnny.
    Johnny is my name.

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