International Student Exchange Programs

Ed Gawlinski, who’s been involved with various cultural organizations throughout his life, sent me this email…

I get emails from AFS (American Field Service) from time to time. AFS is an organization that promotes cultural exchange. It was started by members of the United States’ volunteer ambulance corp (American Field Service) who served during World War I in France. They saw, first hand the horrors of war and believed that if people from different countries got to know each other as individuals they would work to prevent future wars.

When my daughter was a year old, we had an exchange student from Switzerland. She became part of our family. The last day of her stay with us was the birth of our second daughter, which she witnessed. Our second daughter went to Switzerland during the summer of her high school sophomore year to study French and stay with the parents of our former exchange student.

Hosting an exchange student is a wonderful experience. AFS and other organizations that promote these are always looking for volunteers. I would think many parents who regularly visit this site would enjoy this experience.

Thanks for sharing that information with us Ed! -Lisa

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  1. Kathleen Says:

    Hi my daughter who is 18 years old is wanting to go to a different country to start her freshman year at college. I’m thinking of Switzerland. Do you have any idea how she would apply and where the universities are?

    my email is:

    Thank you

    Kathleen Dearinger

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