In April’s Sweet Month: A Nursery Rhyme

Here’s a sweet little nursery rhyme about April, that can be found in The Only True Mother Goose Melodies (c. 1843)…

In April’s Sweet Month
Nursery Rhyme

In April’s sweet month,
When the leaves ‘gin* to spring,
Little lambs skip like fairies
And birds build and sing.


Enjoy the delights of Springtime!

Mama Lisa

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3 Responses to “In April’s Sweet Month: A Nursery Rhyme”

  1. Sherin Says:

    Doing my search to find goo nursery rhymes for my little one, I finally reached to your site. It seems a kids encyclopedia and I am now not going anywhere from here. Excellent work. A simple “Thanks” is not enough and I don’t have any word to say to you…. marvelous…


  2. MARTHA Says:

    I am trying to find a catchy saying that rhymes with “April” for a bullentin board in my office. Any ideas?

  3. Lisa Says:

    All I can think of off-hand is the soft rhyme it makes with April. Anyone else?

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