If Apples Were Pears – A Valentine’s Day Poem

Valentine’s Day is only a month away.  Here’s a sweet poem that you have a month to memorize!

If Apples Were Pears

If Apples Were Pears
And peaches were plums
And the rose had a different name
If tigers were bears
And fingers were thumbs
I’d love you just the same.


Hooray for love!

Mama Lisa

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  1. Joanne Ladd (Mother Goose) Says:

    did you see or hear about the little song Ronald Reagan sang to his little son Ronnie? it is a parody of Old King Cole:
    Old Skipper Reagan
    was a merry old soul
    and he went to heaven
    on a telegraph pole
    but the pole was thin
    and Skipper fell in
    right in heaven
    up to his chin

    isn’t that precious?

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