I Need Help with the Chinese Text for a Kids Song called “Count Ducks”

I received a wonderful Chinese children’s song recently called Count Ducks. The text I received is a scanned in image – I had a hard time making it look crisp and clear. If anyone can send me the computerized text in Chinese, I’d be grateful. Here’s the graphic, followed by an English translation.

Count Ducks

In front of the
Door under the bridge there are ducks.
Come on count them
Two four six
Seven eight.
Quack, quack
So many ducks.
Countless ducks.
Countless ducks.
Grandpa with a white beard
Chases the ducks away,
Sings in the local
Opera and tell jokes.
Kids, kids, go to
school quickly,
Don’t get a duck egg* on your exam and
Come home with it.
Don’t get a duck egg on your exam and
Come home with it.

*This is using a duck egg to represent a score of zero.

Many thanks to Hanchao for contributing and translating this song. Thanks also to Ray Lee for help with the translation.

If anyone can provide the computerized Chinese text for this song, please email me. Thanks! – Lisa

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  1. Lucia Says:


  2. Lisa Says:

    Thank you very much!

    If anyone would like to hear Count Ducks sung in Chinese – please click the link to visit the Mama Lisa’s World Count Ducks song page.

    More Chinese Children’s Songs with recordings are at the Mama Lisa’s World China Pages. You can click the link to visit them.

    Thanks again for your help Lucia!


  3. yueyue Says:

    hehe,are you very intersted in this Chinese song called”count ducks”?
    It is a popular song in a performance on Chinese New Year’s Eve–the Spring Festival 1998 also .

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