“I Have a Little Doll” Song (“Tengo una muñequita”) from Mexico and Spain, with an MP3 Recording

Mia Burgos wrote me yesterday…

Here is a little song that I know…my family is from Mexico, but I think that they sing this in El Salvador and other places too. The melody is the same as Brinca la Tablita.

Tengo una muñequita

Tengo una muñequita vestida de azul
Zapatitos blancos , camizón de tul
La llevé a paseo y se me enfermó
La tengo en la cama com mucho dolor
Dos y dos son cuatro y cuatro y dos son seis
seis y dos son ocho y ocho dies y seis.

Here’s an English translation…

I Have a Little Doll

I have a little doll all dressed in blue
Little white shoes, shirt of tulle
I took her for a stroll, and she got sick
I have her in bed with much pain
Two and two are four and four and two are six
Six and two are eight and eight are sixteen

Mia is right about the song being sung in many places. Monique at Mama Lisa’s World en français sent me the following version from Spain…

Tengo una muñeca

Tengo una muñeca vestida de azul
Con su camisita y su canesú
La saqué a paseo, se me constipó
La tengo en la cama con mucho dolor
Y esta mañanita me dijo el doctor
Que le dé el jarabe con un tenedor
Dos y dos son cuatro
Cuatro y dos son seis
Seis y dos son ocho
Y ocho diez y seis
Y ocho viente y cuatro
Y ocho treinta y dos
?nimas benditas me arrodillo yo.

Here’s an English translation…

I Have a Doll

I have a doll dressed in blue
With her little shirt and her lace shawl
I took her for a stroll, she caught a cold
I have her in bed with much pain
This very morning, the doctor told me
To give her some syrup with a fork
Two and two are four
Four and two are six
Six and two are eight
and eight are sixteen
And eight are twenty four
And eight are thirty two
Blessed souls, I kneel down.

Here’s an MP3 of Tengo una muñeca as sung by Monique Palomares.

Many thanks to Mia Burgos and Monique Palomares for sending me this song, and to Monique for singing it.


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6 Responses to ““I Have a Little Doll” Song (“Tengo una muñequita”) from Mexico and Spain, with an MP3 Recording”

  1. Monique Says:

    I have triplets in my class and they have a Spanish grandma. Once I was talking with their mom about Spanish rhymes, I told her you’d posted a Mexican version of “Tengo una muñeca” and the Spanish one I’d sent you. When I sang her the Mexican version you’d gotten, she went “But that’s the one my mother taught me!!” So the version with “zapatitos blancos, camisón de tul” is also sung in Spain, Albacete area. Btw, my mother used to sing “con su camisita y su canesú” she’d learned from her mother. My grandparents’ place was more Southwards.



  3. Lisa Says:

    I’d check http://www.ebay.com

    Good luck!


  4. Lisa Says:

    Lisa , go to this website , they have dolls that sing spanish songs, Baby Andrea sings Tengo una Muneca song, hope this helps.

  5. Margie Says:

    I know it has been quite a while since you posted this but I just wanted to say thank you so much! My daughter’s abuelita sings this to her and I wanted to get the words to sing to her. Her mother was from Mexico and her father from Spain, she sings her the Mexican version. Thank you so much! Oh and I just bought the doll for her that sings Tengo una muñeca for Christmas!

  6. Lisa Says:

    Thanks for commenting! It makes us happy to hear that! Have a Merry Christmas!

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