How to Find Sheet Music, Tunes and MP3’s on Mama Lisa’s World

In addition to this blog, I also host Mama Lisa’s World. Mama Lisa’s World is a large collection of children’s songs and rhymes from countries all around the globe.

Matt, a music teacher from Rhode Island, wrote a question to me, the other day, about Mama Lisa’s World:

Hey Mama,

I love the concept of your site. It’s been exciting to watch it grow. My only frustration is not being able to find either written (preferably) or audio music to accompany the lyrics. How do I find the tunes for all these great lyrics?

Music Teacher, Rhode Island, USA

Here’s what I wrote back, I’m sharing it with you, in case it helps you too…

Hey Matt,

Thanks for writing!

We’ve just added basic sheet music to a lot of songs on the Germany, France, Hungary, Spain and Mexico pages – plus many others.

We’re now in the process of converting the whole site to a database. We’re halfway through. Hopefully by the summer we’ll have a feature that will let you do a search on songs that have sheet music, midis or mp3’s. Midis play the tune of a song. MP3’s are recordings – usually of someone singing the song.

But for now, the songs on the countries that are in the database are working on a simple system. On the country pages they have symbols next to the song if they have special features. Here’s the key…


Musical Symbol – this song has sheet music
Midi – this song has a Midi tune
MP3 – this song has an MP3 recording
Video Icon – this song has a Video recording

If there’s anything in particular you’re looking for, you’re welcome to ask – in case I know if we have it or not – I may be able to guide you to the right place to find what you’re looking for.

And, of course, we’re always looking for more sheet music, midi’s and mp3’s, so if you’d like to contribute any from your culture, we’d be thrilled!

I hope this helps!

Mama Lisa

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  1. anne Says:

    I am looking for the lyrics in french for Old MacDonald Had a Farm

  2. Lisa Says:

    You’ve come to the right place!

    The Mama Lisa’s World en français USA page has Old Mac Donald Had a Farm in French.

    You can visit the main Mama Lisa’s World en français USA page for more American songs with French translations.

  3. anne pancino Says:

    I am looking for the song in french

    A la ferme de Mathurin


    Michel Amene Son Bateau

  4. anne pancino Says:

    Do you have a french translation for the song

    Reginella Campagnola


  5. Lisa Says:

    There’s one that goes “Chez l’vieux fermier McDonald…” and “A la ferme à Mathurin” lyrics and animals cries there…

  6. Natalie Werbner Says:

    Dear Mama Lisa,
    I am interested in locating sheet music of Kenyan songs for pre-school children. I would like lyrics in the original language as well as English translation.
    Natalie Werbner

  7. Lisa Says:

    We have Kenyan songs in the original languages and with English translations on the Mama Lisa’s World Kenya Pages at:

    As of today, we don’t have sheet music for the Kenyan songs. If anyone can help out with tunes, we’d appreciate it!



  8. Natalie Werbner Says:

    Dear Mama Lisa,
    Thanks for your answer.
    I’m wondering if Kenyan songs are passed on to children through oral tradition or if there is written material that I might purchase.
    Natalie Werbner

  9. Lisa Says:

    Here’s a site that has sheet music you can buy called Kenya Melodies:

    At Global Sounds you can buy a CD of Kenyan Children’s Songs, the link is:

    Otherwise, I’d try to ask at:

    Traditional Music and Cultures of Kenya

    There is a forum with some Kids songs from Kenya at the link below (but it’s not very organized):

    There’s a list of books about Kenyan music (some are old) at:

    Please let us know about what you find, in case anyone else is looking.

    If anyone else can help, please let us know too!



  10. mark Says:

    hello, my two neices have taken up the viola and violin and my heritage originates in poland. i am first generation born in the us. i was wondering if you had any information where i could get sheet music for polish songs. thank you

  11. Lisa Says:

    Monique sent me these links for you to check…

    + typing “Polish sheet music” and the like on

  12. Diana Says:

    I’m a music teacher doing a musical production and I still need to find a song
    that the children can sing from the following countries:
    Alaska – Anchorage
    Peru – Lima
    Russia – Moscow
    Egypt – Cairo
    Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur
    sheet music would be ideal but even if I can just hear it, I’ll learn it then teach it.

  13. Lisa Says:

    I just updated my Malaysia Song Pages – there’s now a Malaysian kids song with a midi and sheet music. Click the link to get to it.

  14. Lisa Says:

    Monique sent me this link for a Russian kids song CD – though it’s on sale now at ebay and that’s what the link is for…

    Russian songs cd

    You can go to the Mama Lisa’s World Russia Pages for the lyrics to Russian children’s songs with English translations

    We have the lyrics to El patito chiquito from Peru – but we don’t know the tune. If anyone can help out with the tune, please email me.

    The same with Egypt, we have two wonderful kids songs from Egypt – if anyone can send us the tunes – we’d be grateful! – Lisa

  15. Lisa Says:

    We also have an Eskimo song – I’m not sure if it’s from Alaska or elsewhere. It’s called Okki Tokki Unga. If you click on the link you’ll get to a blog post about it. There you’ll find the lyrics and an mp3 recording of children singing Okki Tokki Unga. Some of the info is in the comments of that post.

    I hope this all helps! If you’d like to send us any recordings from any of the songs you perform, we’d be happy to post them.

    Good luck!


  16. Kathy Says:

    Hello, Mama,
    I work at a children’s museum and today one of our patrons and her two lottle daughters taught me the Circle Circle song from Israel. I was so happy to find the complete lyrics on your website. however, I do not have a fast ear for music and am looking for the musical notation for the song. I have a keyboard and would like to learn this to teach to others. Did your source for the song have a melody written down? Is there any way to ask other users of the site? I would appreciate any help because as I have looked on Google for such songs what I find is mostly composed music.
    Thank you for your site and any help you can offer.

  17. Lisa Says:

    Can anyone help with the Circle Circle song tune? The name of the song in Hebrew is עוגה, עוגה, עוגה

    The lyrics are at

    You can hear a clip of it at the link below… (click on the 1st song when you get to the site)

  18. Jennifer Says:

    Hi i need to find an italian song that has the words that sound like isa fasa su. Im sorry I know that thats NOT how they are spelled but if you have any info I would be so greatful! Thank you!

  19. Eddie Says:

    I am looking for a Trinni childrens song about two pigtails quarreling.

  20. Sarah Says:


    I am a Girl Guide leader and our camp this summer is focusing on the Western Hemisphere. I
    chose Peru for my groups country (partly because of the Inca history). I am looking for a camp or campfire song from Peru. I saw a couple of songs listed under Peri, but no “tune” to go with
    it. Do you have the music to go with the songs, or ny other suggestions for this.

    Thanks A lot for you help!!


  21. Lina Says:

    Hi, I need to find a chinese children song about “name of days” (Sheet Music).
    I am a book writer for learning chinese language, and I want to put a song for my book. Thank You!

  22. Imre Sziebert Says:

    Hi Mama Lisa,
    As a child my dad sang a song to me in Hungarian that begins:
    “Meg ismerni a kanaszt”
    I wonder if you have the rest of the words.
    Thanks for your help

  23. MA Dubiel Says:

    I am looking for the music to La Befana. My grandmother had the song when I was a little girl and now the tape of course will no longer play. I am now a mother and would like to teach it to my kids but I am not that great with my Italian words anymore. Thanks!

  24. Monique Says:

    On every Italian site I visited about la Befana, they say it’s recited. It’s recited also on the cd I have.

  25. Kendra Says:

    My grandmother’s swedish friend used to babysit us when grandma couldn’t. Her friend, we called Grandma Pete as her last name was Peterson. Grandma Pete taught us ” Jesus Loves Me” in Swedish. I think if I saw it in print I could stlll sing it. Would you be able to post it here or email it to me? I am 50 years old now and have been sharing a lot of my childhood with my own granddaughters. Thank you for your time. Kendra

  26. Zenaida Says:

    I work with 2-5 preschoolers. I am the ESL teachers aide. Most of our kids are spanish. I wandted to get some songs in spanish. I grew up in puerto rico and there were so many I loved. Can you tell me how to get them and the words. Thanks

  27. Lisa Says:

    Click the following link for our Puerto Rican Songs and

    The following link for lyrics to all of our Spanish Songs in Spanish and with English translations.

    Feel free to let us know if there are any particular songs you are looking for that you don’t find at those links.

    -Mama Lisa

  28. Monique Says:

    You can also buy cd’s by Jose Luis Orozco (at Amazon or anywhere else). You can hear samples and if you can get the lyrics from any lyrics site – Mama Lisa’s World included! I think that you should manage to sing the whole songs.

  29. Sue Says:

    I am looking for children’s songs from Lithuania for my daughter to sing for a Lithuanian Independence Day Festival. An english translation would be okay but if she could learn it in lithuanian that would be fantastic. Can anyone help me?

  30. Irina Vatamanu Says:

    Hello, Lisa! I know the version of happy birthday in Romanian. This is :

    Multi ani traiasca, multi ani traiasca
    La multi ani!
    Cine sa traiasca, cine sa traiasca
    La multi ani!
    (name-Irina) sa traiasca, Irina sa traiasca
    La multi ani!

  31. Lisa Says:

    Thanks! Would you like to sing it for us and/or provide an English translation?

  32. doreen Says:

    i am looking for the song Madam tou la vie madam serenee

  33. Cynthia Says:

    Hi, Lisa –

    I direct an a cappella children’s and young adult choir of 25 students. We enjoy singing in a variety of languages. For a long time I have been looking for sheet music for two pieces: A Brazilian children’s piece, ‘O Cravo brigou com a Rosa’ composed by H. Villa Lobos, and a Spanish piece, ‘Que Me Daras Marinero’. Can you direct me to a site?

    Thanks for your help.

  34. crescalona Says:

    I can write for you any sheet music
    request to

  35. Brooke Says:

    Hello! My name is Brooke. I would like to have the Ghana welcome song in its own language. Thank you so much!

  36. denis green Says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I was born in Nairobi, Kenya in 1950. I’m looking for the lyrics for ‘Malaika’. Could you also please give a translation for the song.

    thank you in anticipation.


  37. Jill Says:

    I am desperate for the sheet music for My Yiddishe Momma. I would like to play it at a memorial service being held for my mom on Sunday, May 18th. Can you help, please?
    Thanks in advance.

  38. Jessie Says:


    I am looking for the sheet music of Love is a beautiful song from Dave Mills. Could anyone please help me, also the song You, cant remember artist. Could not find it on the web.

  39. Betth Says:

    Mama Lisa:

    I am bothering you! I want the REGINELLA CAMPAGNOLA Sheet Music.


  40. Kathy Hollar Says:

    I am looking for Christmas carols and folk songs from Ecuador. I have a 9 yr. old piano student from there.

  41. Alia Says:

    Hey Mama Lisa,
    Im so happy i came across your site. It’s absolutly wonderful, I am extremly interested in languages and I work as a teacher in a nursery. I have many children with many different nationalities and I am looking for songs from all around the world to teach them and to learn about those countries from which they come from and their friends. I recently found out that the song ”jingle bells” is sung in many other languages besides english such as : korean, chinese, french, italian and german. Unfortunatly i have not been succeful in finding them online or here on your website, so i was wondering if you could assist me in doin so. And I am sorry if this is a long e-mail!!


  42. Alberta Cachuela Says:

    Aloha, mama Lisa
    I’m looking for the song A-L-O-H-A, were the children sing it and spell it out. A is for , L is for etc…. I need it for a church active. do you have it or do you know where i can fine it..

    thank you Al,

  43. Wes Ellis Says:

    I need quickly the sheet music for the Xtoles, the Maya Song to the Sun God or do you have any other Mayan songs in sheet music?
    Thanks for your help.

  44. Lisa Says:

    Wes, here are some links that might help with Mayan sheet music:

    This one you’d have to buy:

    Hope this helps!

    Mama Lisa

  45. Wes Ellis Says:

    Thanks for your help! I’ll see what I can find.

  46. Therese Says:

    How do we sing « BANANA SWEET »? This childrens’ song is from Ghana, Africa. I would like to hear the tune!

  47. berthin Says:

    I am looking form a reginella campagnola sheet music. It is an italian traditional music. If some of you can help me, I will be grateful for it.

  48. Lisa Says:

    We haven’t been able to find it – can anyone out there help? -Mama Lisa

  49. Sondra Harnes Says:

    The words for Welcome Song from Ghana

    Awah Awah Awah
    Ahtoo Ahtoo Ahtoo
    Awah Ahtoo

  50. Lisa Says:

    Thanks Sondra!

  51. elizabeth Says:

    Looking for music on how to sing “sorida”


  52. Lisa Says:

    There’s a Sorida YouTube you can watch and you can buy the score cheaply at:

    The Music Corner (in Europe)

    Sheet Music Plus (US)

  53. shireen Says:

    Hi, I was looking for songs on Greece or anything Greek to teach third grade students who are doing a unit on Ancient Greece. i stumbled onto this blog/website. i am an elementary music teacher in the INternational in Chennai, South India.
    I wonder if somebody can help me with this.

  54. Lisa Says:

    You can find Greek kids songs on Mama Lisa’s World. Just click the link!

  55. stephen Says:

    hi, nice work. i think nursery rhymes are often based in some historical event which makes them interesting on all sorts of levels.

    A Russian i met was trying to teach me a rhyme, ” goosie goosie ga-ga-ga” and i am trying to find the lyrics in phonetic Russian.

    Can you help?

  56. Julie Says:


    I’m looking for the sheet music of Hey Kinds do you love Jesus

  57. Paula Silva Says:

    Hey Julie, did you search on Google? I could swear I saw it online a couple days ago.

  58. Emily Says:

    Hi I am looking for a short rhyme or song from trinidad and tobago to teach my children – is there any that you know and can point me in the right direction of the tune or beat? Thank you so much.

  59. Lisa Says:

    Hi Emily, You can find a Trinidadian lullaby with a video (to hear it sung) here.

  60. Angie Says:

    I am hoping you can help. I am looking for the translation of the song Old MacDonald in Ghana.

    Thank you very much

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