The Right Way to Eat Sushi

sushi 800px-Hiroshige_Bowl_of_SushiSushi is a delicious cuisine from Japan!  Did you know there’s a right way to eat it?  Here’s how…

1. Pick up the sushi rolls (the type that’s wrapped in seaweed) with your fingers and dip one side into the soy sauce and put it into your mouth. The type of sushi that’s just rice and fish should be picked up with chopsticks and dipped.

2. Don’t shake off the soy sauce after dipping.

3. After having a piece of sushi, eat a piece of ginger by itself with your fingers.  Don’t put it on the sushi.  That’s considered to be in poor taste.

4. Traditionally you weren’t supposed to put wasabi on the sushi.  The idea was that the chef would prepare it with the perfect amount.  Nowadays, even in Japan you’ll find wasabi on the side so people can decide for themselves how much they want.

Learn more fun facts about eating sushi in the video below!

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