The Movie "Inside Out" was Changed for Foreign Audiences


Slate recently pointed out how the animation studio, Pixar remade some scenes in the movie Inside Out for foreign viewers.

hx0gltxz5dd6jzp1re3wOne aspect they changed is the vegetable Riley hates as a little kid.  For US audiences, it’s broccoli, a cliché vegetable that American kids hate.  In Japan, kids love broccoli, so they changed the hated vegetable to green peppers.

Hockey, the sport that Riley’s family loves, was changed to soccer in some countries.

There’s a scene where Bing Bong, Riley’s imaginary friend, points to a sign that says, "DANGER".  That sign is translated in some languages.  He also points to it from right to left in languages that are read that way.

It’s interesting how even the vegetable kids hate differs around the world!

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