How Many Numbers Can You Recite of Pi?

I’m not ashamed to admit it, here’s what I can remember:

3.14… to infinity!

Well the other day, when I wrote about Pi Day, Devon over at Head, Shoulders, Knees and all that, commented about a video we could watch of one of his colleagues reciting all the numbers listed below in pi. (He made one error in the middle – but he corrected himself. I’m jealous!)


You’ve gotta watch this video of Jeremy-sensei performing this mind boggling task. It’s great!

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3 Responses to “How Many Numbers Can You Recite of Pi?”

  1. D.D.Lois Says:

    What an amazing young man! he must be a math professor.

  2. cheese Says:

    i know 44 digits of pi

  3. aaron Says:

    Holy Cow That’s A Lot Of Pi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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