Can Anyone Help with Spanish Pronunciation?

Tracey wrote:


Are you able to assist me with how to pronounce the Spanish words? I’d like to teach my grade the nursery rhymes.

Thank you,

Tracey Morand

Hi Tracey,

There are some recordings of Spanish songs on my site. You can find 3 on the Mama Lisa’s World Mexican Children’s Song Pages and more on the Mama Lisa’s World Spain Children’s Song Pages. They’re the ones with MP3’s.

We like the internet page called Spanish Pronunciation Key to help learn the Spanish pronunciation of different letters.

There’s also’s Spanish pages. There you can click on pictures of different words and hear them pronounced.

If anyone would like to record any of the other Spanish nursery rhymes or songs that are on Mama Lisa’s World, I’d be happy to post more recordings. That way people would know how to pronounce them.

Thanks! -Lisa

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  1. Concepcion Says:

    Hi Tracey,
    I am spanish speaker and I would be pleased to help you, just
    tell me exactly what would you like to know.


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