How Do People Really Tip at the End of the Year?

I asked people informally how they tip for services for the holidays at the end of the year.  Answers varied.  So don’t feel like you have to go by a chart!  Part of the answer had to do with a person’s economic condition.  So people receiving tips should keep this in mind!  Some people will give "thinking of you" gifts, like cookies, chocolate or a bottle of wine.

Most people tip their mail carrier if they see them on a regular basis and it’s the same person throughout the year.  In the US, the standard tip is $20 – $25.  In the UK, they’re not supposed to accept a large amount, so it’s about £5 – £10.  In France it’s 10 – 15 euros.

Many (but not all) people tip their garbage men.  In the U.S. it seems to vary a lot.  It can be anywhere from $25 for the whole crew or $10 – $25 per person on the crew.  In the UK, they’re not supposed to accept a large amount, so it’s about £5 – £10.  In France they get less, 1 to 5 euros in general.

Newspaper delivery people get about $20.

Cleaning Ladies & Nannies in the US – One weeks pay depending on quality of service.

Hairdressers’ tips at the end of the year vary greatly in the US and UK.  It seems to depend upon the quality of service, price of services, and one’s economic circumstances.  Generally, people give anywhere from a percentage (10% +) above the normal tip up to double the normal tip.  Some give a specific amount above the normal tip like $10. There’s a big range.  Also, people who tip well all year seem to give less (but still more than the normal tip).  The shampoo girl gets a larger tip at the end of the year too, anywhere up to double the normal tip.

Teachers often get gift certificates (either individually or from the whole class).  Otherwise, they get small gifts from the student, like chocolate candy, mugs, etc.

Please let us know how you tip at the end of the year in the comments below.  Please let us know the state or country you live in and type of area (suburbs, city, etc.)

You can read more about tipping around the world here.

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