French Song called Le carillon de Vendome – The Chimes of Vendome

Stephen McGill wrote…

I remember the melody but not the lyrics to a song that my sisters used to sing. It was called, “Orlean.” I’m not certain of the spelling, but they pronounced it, “or-LAY-ahn.” Does anybody know the rest of the lyrics?

Monique from Mama Lisa’s World en français was familiar with this song. It’s called Le carillon de Vendôme – Vendôme Chimes. Monique provided the lyrics, an English translation, the score, a recording and a midi. Click the link to see all of these.

Thanks Monique!

-Mama Lisa

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2 Responses to “French Song called Le carillon de Vendome – The Chimes of Vendome”

  1. Stephen McGill Says:

    That’s it! Thank you so much Monique. Merci, merci.

  2. Michelle Says:

    And at the Academy of the Sacred Heart school in St. Charles, we were taught to sing this song in rounds. Our words are a bit different w a couple musical notes that are different as well.

    Title: Les Cloches

    Orléans, Beaugency
    Notre Dame de Paris,
    Vendome, Vendome

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