Families Unplugged


We’ve been without electricity, and have had only intermittent internet connections, since last Monday due to Hurricane Sandy.  There are many people in similar situations (or worse) in the areas affected by the hurricane. 

This is the most we’ve been without electronical devices and computers since they became widespread in the 1990’s. 

I’ve found we’re connecting to each other different ways.  People are looking out for each other more.  They’re taking time away from their screens and talking with family, friends and neighbors. They’re interacting in person in meaningful ways.

I’ve found this true among my immediate family too.  My daughter is usually off with friends, at school, or at musical and sporting events, or else us adults are working on our computers.  But since last Monday all that has changed…

We’re spending more time just talking.  We’ve been playing games by candlelight.  My husband has been reading The Hobbit to us (in anticipation of the movie that’s coming out in December).  Normally in the past couple of years my daughter prefers reading to herself.  I think she’s really enjoying being read to again (I certainly am!).

This all leads me to think that in the modern world we need to consider making more family time.  I know we’re normally all very busy, but perhaps even unplugging a day or two a month and having family days, where you just spend time together talking and playing, would be a positive way of living in the modern world.

Be safe and hug your loved ones!

Mama Lisa

Note:  The photo in this post is of a chain of dominoes my daughter made with my husband the first night we lost power.

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