Eggs-periments in Dyeing Eggs Naturally!

I’ve been experimenting with dyeing eggs naturally! The photos below show some of my results.

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting easy directions to dye eggs with natural products, like fruits and vegetables, that you can follow at home.


Mama Lisa

Photo of Dyed Eggs

Photo of Dyed Eggs

Photo of Dyed Eggs

UPDATE: The directions for dyeing eggs naturally are online.

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5 Responses to “Eggs-periments in Dyeing Eggs Naturally!”

  1. Herman Says:

    Are we getting ready for easter, Just wanted to know are those eggs empty.


  2. Lisa Says:

    They’re not empty. I plan on handing out dyed eggs to all of my neighbors as an early Easter treat!

  3. Caitlin Says:

    is there anyway to dye eggs by stuff that you may have just lying around the house; felt tip pen inks etc.?

  4. Lisa Says:

    If you decorate eggs – of course you’ll need to hard boil them first and then let them cool off. Otherwise, you can blow out the insides, clean them out and let them dry.

    You could use felt tip pens to decorate them, though the ink may run. You may want to use one egg to test out different materials you have in your house before decorating all of your eggs.

    Miss Berndl’s class uses permanent markers to create designs on eggs and then varnishes them with a medium acrylic gloss. She hard boils them or blows out the insides first. You can check out her site to see images of the eggs at the link above. Her class decorates them in the Ukrainian Pysanky style. I think it’s a nice idea to do with kids.

    You can also blow out the insides of the eggs, clean them out and let them dry. Then you can put glue on them and dip them in sparkles or decorate them with other stuff you have around the house. Beware that they’re delicate like this – but you can keep them for a longer period of time.

  5. mma kim Says:

    these are some good egs

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