Does Anyone Know Where You Can Buy Ethnic Clothes for Kids

Ed wrote:


Do you know where I could purchase an ethnic Swedish dress for a little girl (2 years old)?

I would also be interested in Polish and/or German Dresses.



I know you can find Chinese clothes for kids in Chinatown in New York, but I’m not sure where you can get Swedish, Polish or German dresses.

If anyone can help answer Ed’s question, please let us know in the comments below.


Mama Lisa

PS Perhaps there are outfits for real girls that you can buy from American Girl Dolls that would fit the bill?

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4 Responses to “Does Anyone Know Where You Can Buy Ethnic Clothes for Kids”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Lisa G. wrote:

    I checked to see if Surma, the Ukrainian clothing/gift store on E. 7th Street NYC (could feasibly pass for Polish) had clothing for children, but no go.

    Thanks for trying Lisa!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Edee wrote:

    Lisa, I would advise the fella to call the Swedish Embassy or Consulate. Usually the folks there know where to get anything in the USA that pertains to their country etc. etc.

    Thanks for the idea Edee!

  3. adjovi Says:

    in canada spadina in 1st hong tae wae

  4. Lynda Smith Says:

    You can find some costumes for children at:
    They are used by many of the Vasa Children’s clubs around the U.S.

    Good luck

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