Does Anyone Know the Norwegian Song “Lille Karin”?

Karin wrote:

I was named after a song, “Lille Karin” and I can’t find it anywhere. Can you help?

The song is definitely Norwegian. I think it’s a child’s song. I cannot sing (properly) in Norwegian but the first line sounds like this:- “Var har du varet du lille Karin, du ar so…? Jeg ar gevaret i grane-slade, og…” Sorry for the strange spelling!

Thank you.

Karin Morrow (Ireland)

If anyone can help Karin with the original lyrics of this song, and/or a translation, please let us know in the comments below.


Mama Lisa

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7 Responses to “Does Anyone Know the Norwegian Song “Lille Karin”?”

  1. Kari Says:

    Hi Karin!
    I’m Norwegian and my name is Kari. I’ve never heard exactely the song you mention, it might be a mix between several. But there are many Norwegian songs about Kari. One famous is “Å vesle Kari vår”.

    Another tune is “Hvor har du vært du lille pike?”
    The words are somethings like:
    Hvor har du vært du lille pike? Jeg har vært ………….
    Kan jeg følge med? Kan jeg følge med? Nei, det kan du ikke.
    (I’m not sure, but this tune might be Danish originally : Hvor har du vært du lille PIGE?)

    Another old tune is “Lille kattepus, hvor har du vært?”
    This song is probable not so “political correct” anymore in Norway, because of the moralistic text, but it’s still well known! On yoy tube:

    Best wishes,

  2. Audny Torland Voll Says:

    This is the song I’ve heard.

    Du lilla Kari
    Hvor har du vare?
    Du er sa skrukkete pa kjollen din.

    A jeg har vare
    I varens hage
    A plokka blomster med vennen min.

    The “a” I use in vare, sa and varens is actually one of the last three letters of the Norwegian alphabet, for which I have no character on my keyboard. It is the very last letter, and sounds like the o in the English word for.

    Maybe you can help me, too. I am looking for the lyrics to the lullaby, “Sav i Ro a Godnatt”. (“Lullaby and Goodnight” in English) Again the a in sav and in a are the last letter of the Norwegian alphabet.

    I’d appreciate it if you used my email and sent me the lyrics if you can, or just post them on this page.


  3. Britt Says:

    I believe the song is an very old Swedish song named “Lilla Karin”.

    Var har du varit, du lilla Karin, du är så skrynklig om kjolen din?
    Jo, jag har varit i grannas hage och plockat smultron med vännen min.
    I hans hage växer stora smultron röda,
    blommordofta där och markens källor flöda.
    Jag har varit i grannas hage och plockat smultron med vännen min!

    Var har du varit, du lilla Karin, du är så bossig om ryggen din?
    Jo, jag har varit i grannas lada och tröskat hvete med vännen min.
    I hans lada har vi mycket än att gjöra,
    ingen ser oss där och ingen kan oss störa.
    Jag har varit i grannas lada och tröskat hvete med vännen min!

    Var har du varit, du lilla Karin, du är så tunger och trött att gå?
    Jo, jag har varit i apelgården, där frukten mognarunder himlen blå.
    I hans apelgård, där växer äpplen klara.
    Paradisets frukt mer ljuvlig ej kan vara.
    Jag har varit i apelgården, där frukten mognar under himlen blå!

    This song has a nice melody, I hope you maybe can find it on internet.
    Best wishes from Britt in Norway

  4. Inger Hansson Says:

    Hello.Yes i know the song.It was the swedish artist Karin Juel that singed it.I cant find it on the intenet but i can sing it for you if you want.Inger Hansson,sweden.

  5. Lisa Says:

    That would be great Inger!

  6. Lisa Says:

    Berit wrote:

    hello Mama Lisa, have you found the song; Lilla Karin? If not I can help you. It’s a Swedish song by Karin Juel from 1946. Its about a young girl who has been with her boyfriend and picked wild strawberries in the garden. 2. She’s been in a barn, there it was hay and she has a lot of it on her back. 3. She’s picked apples under the blue sky. She’s been with the boy she loves. Hope this helps you, Love from Berit in Norway

    PS The lyrics are those given by Britt above.

  7. Nils Dybdal-Holthe Says:

    Dear Karin! Yes, it is Swedish and we had a record when I was a kid. It’s just the song mentioned above. Have a nice time in singing it. From Norway. Nils.

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