Does Anyone Know the Finnish Version of the Song “Piikkisika Porcupine”?


“Piikkisika Porcupine” was sung by Finnish immigrants in some northern US states including Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The word “piikkisika” actually means “porcupine” in Finnish. Some people Anglicized the spelling to make it “peek-a seek-a”. Here are the lyrics…

Piikkisika Porcupine

Pikkisika porcupine
I can see you hiding in the Norway pine
I take my shotgun and shoot you down
Pikkisika porcupine!

Steve Klund wrote, “My grandparents sang it both ways and I was very young when they were alive but other relatives all sang in English. My grandparents grew up with Finnish as a primary language.”

Would anyone know the Finnish version of this song? If so, please comment below or email me with any info.

Thanks in advance! -Mama Lisa


UPDATE: We asked MAE KaBi, who is from Finland, if she knows the song. Here’s her response:

“I do not know the song. The melody sounds Finnish but I do not know any Finnish lyrics for it.

However, here is my Finnish translation of the lyrics:

Piikkisika, piikkisika, porcupine,
Mäntypuuhun, mäntypuuhun piiloutuu, (Hides in a pine)
Haulikollani sinut ammun nyt, (I will shoot you now with my shotgun)
Piikkisika, piikkisika, porcupine.

I hope this helps,

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2 Responses to “Does Anyone Know the Finnish Version of the Song “Piikkisika Porcupine”?”

  1. Jamie Says:

    My mother’s version, from Chisholm, Minnesota, was:

    Piikkasika piikkisuka porcupine, I can see you hiding behind the Norway pine. Piikkisuka piikkasika..

    So I take it my shot and I shoot him dead. Piikkisuka piikkasika porcupine.

  2. Crystal Says:

    My Finnish family’s version is to be sang with an accent. My family (The Niska’s) emigrated from Finland in 1902 and settled in Squaw Lake, MN.

    Piikkisika piikkisika porkkenpine (porcupine)
    Hanging from a nordern (northern) pine
    I grabs my sotgun (shotgun) and soots (shoot) you down
    Piikkisika Piikkisika porkkenpine (porcupine).

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