Does Anyone Know the Finnish Version of the Song “Piikkisika Porcupine”?


“Piikkisika Porcupine” was sung by Finnish immigrants in some northern US states including Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The word “piikkisika” actually means “porcupine” in Finnish. Some people Anglicized the spelling to make it “peek-a seek-a”. Here are the lyrics…

Piikkisika Porcupine

Pikkisika porcupine
I can see you hiding in the Norway pine
I take my shotgun and shoot you down
Pikkisika porcupine!

Steve Klund wrote, “My grandparents sang it both ways and I was very young when they were alive but other relatives all sang in English. My grandparents grew up with Finnish as a primary language.”

Would anyone know the Finnish version of this song? If so, please comment below or email me with any info.

Thanks in advance! -Mama Lisa


UPDATE: We asked MAE KaBi, who is from Finland, if she knows the song. Here’s her response:

“I do not know the song. The melody sounds Finnish but I do not know any Finnish lyrics for it.

However, here is my Finnish translation of the lyrics:

Piikkisika, piikkisika, porcupine,
Mäntypuuhun, mäntypuuhun piiloutuu, (Hides in a pine)
Haulikollani sinut ammun nyt, (I will shoot you now with my shotgun)
Piikkisika, piikkisika, porcupine.

I hope this helps,

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7 Responses to “Does Anyone Know the Finnish Version of the Song “Piikkisika Porcupine”?”

  1. Jamie Says:

    My mother’s version, from Chisholm, Minnesota, was:

    Piikkasika piikkisuka porcupine, I can see you hiding behind the Norway pine. Piikkisuka piikkasika..

    So I take it my shot and I shoot him dead. Piikkisuka piikkasika porcupine.

  2. Crystal Says:

    My Finnish family’s version is to be sang with an accent. My family (The Niska’s) emigrated from Finland in 1902 and settled in Squaw Lake, MN.

    Piikkisika piikkisika porkkenpine (porcupine)
    Hanging from a nordern (northern) pine
    I grabs my sotgun (shotgun) and soots (shoot) you down
    Piikkisika Piikkisika porkkenpine (porcupine).

  3. Sarah Says:

    My family’s version didn’t mention trees. that porcupine was hiding by the sauna. Not sure if it comes from Duluth or New York Mills, but my mom’s school friend knew the same version.

    Piikkisika piikkisika porcinpine
    I can see you hiding behind the bathhouse door
    I take my gun and shoot you dead
    Piikkisika porcinpine!

  4. Mark Lammi Says:

    We used to take sauna and my father used to sing this song to us..
    We used to go to the Finnish Club dances in Rutland Massachusetts and hear this song also..

    piikkisika piikkisika porcupine
    I can see you hide behind the outhouse sign
    50000 Finns and lots of snow
    I can see you hide behind the outhouse sign..

    Anyone seen the song or sheet music for the song?

  5. Mark Lammi Says:

    Never heard the shotgun version 😁

  6. Mark Lammi Says:

    I have the sheet music for Raatikko – Finnish song by Sov. I. Johnsen 🇫🇮

  7. Thor Says:

    Thank you Lisa and company. I grew up in Wisconsin. This song was a tradition to sing in the sauna (alone or in a group). When the first person had to leave, we sang this song as cedar bows soaked in water were placed on the stove. What a lovely smell, sweltering heat, opened pours and great memory! I miss those times, rolling in the snow, going through the hole in the ice and even the Akvavit when I was old enough. Thank you for stirring such great memories.

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