Does Anyone Know of a Script for a Las Posadas Play for Christmastime?

B. Telford wrote:

I am teaching in a private religious school and we would like to do a Las Posadas play for Christmas. (grades Pk-3 through 5th grade) Does anyone out there have any suggestions of plays already written that are approximately 20 – 30 minutes long? I know very little of Las Posadas and would like this to be an exciting learning experience for our children. I have found only 2 or 3 songs and no scripts, HELP!

If anyone can help out with any suggestions, please comment below. The play can be in Spanish and/or English.

Thanks in advance!


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2 Responses to “Does Anyone Know of a Script for a Las Posadas Play for Christmastime?”

  1. Gina Says:

    We did a Christmas play last year entitled Las Posadas. I ordered it through Cokesbury. It was written by Albert Zabel and Deborah Somuano. It was really simple and cute. It was also very inexpensive and came with the split-track CD. I don’t know if it is still availabe this year but its worth a try.

  2. Gina Says:

    Lisa, I looked up the play and did not find it through Cokesbury but I found it online through It cost $20.00.
    THe full title is
    Las Posadas- A Christmas Musical for Children from the Mexican Tradition


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