Does Anyone Know an Italian Lullaby called "Muschene Della Stelle"?

Romano wrote asking for help with an Italian song…

Dear Lisa,

….I am trying to find an Italian Lullaby for an 82 year old woman named Anna. She is from Bari, Italy, and she cannot remember the word’s to the lullaby called Muschene Della Stelle (?). It is Native of Bari, Italy and I have been searching high and low . Isn’t Tu scendi Dalle Stelle. That is the Christmas Lullaby to Jesus. I know this one very well… please  help me to help Anna, and make an old lady happy.

Thank you… Romano

If anyone can help Anna and Romano please comment below.


Mama Lisa

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7 Responses to “Does Anyone Know an Italian Lullaby called "Muschene Della Stelle"?”

  1. Joe Brennan Says:

    I’m checking with my neighbors. Their parents were from Bari.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Thanks Joe!

  3. Marta Says:

    Dear Lisa,

    I am Italian, from northern Italy. I think that the woman has spelled the word unproperly maybe. I only know “TU SCENDI DALLE STELLE”, a Christmas song whose name remembers the one you talked about.

    I hope it helped!

    Big hugs

  4. Lisa Says:

    Thanks for writing Marta! There were some other questions my readers had about Italian songs and rhymes. I wonder if you know any of those? They’re at this link. We appreciate any help. Have a lovely holiday! Lisa

  5. Lisa Says:

    Here’s another Italian question:


    I saw your site and I was wondering if you could help me find an old rhyme my Italian grandmother used to say to us kids.

    I have no idea what it was called or even how to spell it. I can only remember that it started out with, ‘cuesta una bella piazza’ and it went on to say something about a pupazza, pecoralla and at the very end, she would run her fingers up our forearms while saying (spelled wrong) … que fa fa fa fa fa …

    I would really like to know what this was if you have any ideas.

    Thanks so much,


  6. Deacon Bill Gallerizzo Says:

    Does anyone have the words to a song called La Mia Mamma? It has 7 or 8 verses that address the days of the week, and the verses build in length. I’ve heard it on an Italian recording I have, but have been unable to locate lyrics.

  7. Daphne Says:

    Dear Lisa, my grandmother (from Rome) also used to say the one about the Piazza… I guess they both used the third version on this site:

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