Does Anyone Know A Mexican Song with Hand Movements that Mimic a Drum?

Debbie wrote:


I was wondering if you could help me with a question. When I was young…30+ years ago… I lived next door to a Mexican family. I became close friends with the kids. I remember they taught me this song… I don’t remember the words… but I do remember the hand/arm movements. You move your wrist and fingers together along with your arm – to create a type of drum or musical instrument – you do this on a flat surface. This all sounds weird… but you get a rhythm going with your hand, fingers & arm. I remember the kids trying to teach me how to do this… and eventually I got it. I remember we would sing this song along with this type of drumming. It was fun. I still can do it on one hand. However, I don’t remember the song that went with it. Is this something that was in the Mexican culture many years ago?


Debbie Leonhard

If anyone knows this song, please comment below or email me.


Mama Lisa

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