Does Anyone Know a Japanese Kids Song That Sounds Like “Oni, oni haite”?

Liz wrote…


I just found your website – not sure if you can help, but I have a request. A little background first… my first speaking language was Japanese, my mother was fluent and my father, although not Japanese was quite fluent as well. It’s a long story, but at the age of 4 I was yanked from my Japanese environment and raised in a complete different culture (Hispanic). I lost any conversational Japanese I had learned and was not around any Japanese speaking people. There were, however, two Japanese children songs that I remembered singing frequently, one of which was Sho jo ji. I even taught this song to my 3 daughters who are all now adults and married. With computer technology I was able to look up Sho jo ji and it was so heartwarming to hear it again. I was amazed at how accurate my memory of the words and melody was.

My request is this — the other song I cannot find online anywhere due to not knowing its title and only parts of the song (phonetically). I remember being told that the song was about a little girl wearing her mother’s shoes and some of the words sounded like, “oni, oni haite, ………………. bokum, bokum, oko ga suru.” That was how the song ended. The rest is very fuzzy. I can remember the tune a little as well, but don’t know how to get that to you. The bokum, bokum part was supposed to be the klip-klop, klip-klop of the shoes, much like when a child puts on her mother’s high heels.

Does any of this ring a bell. My life has been a huge puzzle and finding these small pieces help me enormously. Thanks for your help. Liz

Liz was able to call my special number where people can leave recordings like this and send the tune to Oni Oni Haite. Hopefully that will help jog someone’s memory.

If anyone can help with this song in any way: phonetically, with the Japanese text and/or a translation, that would be great! Please comment below or email me at .

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa

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5 Responses to “Does Anyone Know a Japanese Kids Song That Sounds Like “Oni, oni haite”?”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Shintaro Tominaga wrote:

    Good morning Lisa, the melody sounds like “Fuji wa Nippon Ichi no yama” meaning “Fuji-san is the highest mountain in Japan.” where Fuji-san means Mt. Fuji.

    Listen to…

  2. stephen Says:

    hello ^^ my name stephen.
    i remember when it was 2003 til 2007
    that there was a japanese song ..i dont remember its name, but it was a pop song, like..a cool rythim and with background with girls far away, lol.. hum how to explain it. its a half part its like “”acthing acthing acthing achting”” ..its a part
    and the music video was like the group of guys and this big white robot, and the guys had a bubble helmet. and white suits like an austranaut.. very weird. but if u can only try to know can u .. tell me please im obssesed with that song and i cant find it

  3. Linda Austin Says:

    My older Japanese friends and my mother do not know this song. It might be regional. However – it must be “ni haitte” because oni is an ogre. Also, it must be “oto ga suru” which means “sounds like,” and best be careful with “bokum” because it is very close to being an impolite word.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Thanks for trying and for the info Linda! I noticed that about Oni too.

  5. Nanet bordon Says:

    I dont know if this is right, but my sister says that this is the lyrics of that song.
    An armful of Chinese lanterns sprayed red with blood,
    Once again they’ve eaten a bad, bad girl,
    In one hand, the head and souvenir of my mother,
    And I scowl at Buddha tonight,

    Amongst the blizzard, flowers flutter in the moonlit night,
    Concealing me as the mask of a demon,
    Now I’ll turn and pull out my sword,
    And grow into a demon to destroy my mother’s enemies,

    I swing my dripping red sword,
    Slaying the “evil” in ones and twos,
    Yanking off their heads with my mother’s sympathy,
    And I scowl at Buddha tonight,

    Amongst the blizzard, flowers flutter in the moonlight night,
    Concealing me as the mask of a demon,
    Now I’ll turn and unsheath my sword,
    Changing the fate of my mother’s enemies?
    I walk this path with no regret

    Hope this is right.

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