Does Anyone Know a French Canadian Song with the Line “”Marchons marchons soldats de plomb””

Carlene wrote:

Hi Lisa

My father-in-law was raised in Northern Ontario. Now that he’s a grand parent he has begun singing a song from his childhood but he only remembers one verse. We have been trying to find more verses but have been unsuccessful. Here are the words:

“Marchons marchons soldats de plomb.
Chantons chantons notre chanson.
Soyons militaires; marchons tête fière.
Marchons, marchons soldats de plomb”.

Any help you can offer would be awesome.



Here’s a loose English translation:

Let us march, march, tin soldiers.
Let us sing, sing, our song.
Let us be soldiers; let us march with heads held high.
Let us march, march, tin soldiers.

If anyone can help with this song, please comment below or email me.



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