Does Anyone Know a Book with the Lines “”To Sup Like a Pup, To Gulp it All Up””

Kevin wrote:

Hello My name is Kevin Dahl, and I am looking for a book title to a children’s book my wife and I used to read to our son. We read this book so many times we both have it memorized many years later.

The words are…

To sup like a pup
To gulp it all up
no napkin, no fork no spoon and no cup
But to gulp it all up with your tongue in deliciable laps what luck.

Then the second part I think is a Mother Goose from the same book:

Bow woo woo
Whose dog art thou
Little Tommy Tinkers dog
Bow wow wow

We purchased that book over 12 years ago and we read it until it was so warn out we had to throw it away. Now we both regret throwing it out and want to buy another copy.

Thank you
Kevin Dahl

If anyone can help identify this book, and/or provide any other useful info, please comment below.



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