Do You Know, "You’re my fillakadoosha, shanamaroosha, balltarahty, boomtootyboomtootyay"?

Can anyone help with this question from Patti:

Hey, Lisa!  My Dad and I enjoy sharing our family history through his telling stories of him growing up on the family farm in Cheboygan, MI and on Mackinac Island with his French-Canadian father.  At times he will  recite old poems and songs from his youth; he’s now 82.  A particular little ditty, dating from the 1940’s, that we are trying to find the lyrics to starts like this (I’ve spelled it phonetically, as I hear him sing it):

"You’re my fillakadoosha, shanamaroosha, balltarahty, boomtootyboomtootyay."

He says it’s all one, long word in the song and he can’t recall any other words or the rest of the song.  Any information on more lyrics, history or meaning would be appreciated. I’d like to surprise him and sing the whole song to him one day!

Thank you! BTW, I was happy to find your site and blog, as I use music everyday teaching my special needs preschoolers.  I’m always learning new, simple songs to teach them or song stories to sing to them for auditory language/vocabulary and comprehension lessons. :) -Patti Martin

If anyone can help Patti with the rest of the lyrics to this song, please let us know in the comments below.


Mama Lisa

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